Welcome to Whole Brain Health in Second Life!

On March 20, 2021, our founder Lissena accepted the 2021 Thinkerer Award at the VWBPE Conference. She accepted on behalf of all the WBH Collective!
WBH Welcome board
Whole Brain Health Welcome Board

Welcome to Inspiration Island, the home of Whole Brain Health in Second Life! We host many kinds of programs and offer an amazing variety of interactive activities to stimulate and challenge your brain.

Our Welcome board is pictured to the left. You won’t have to look too far to find one — they can be spotted at many locations around the island.

* * * * *

Our main island consists of four sim-size levels with activities found throughout. In addition to these levels, there are other freestanding venues, such as Curei’s Floating Gallery, The Meditation Retreat, and The Secret Spa. We even offer horse rides on all four levels for exploring!

Whole Brain Health is now part of the Eduverse, a collection of educational sims located in close proximity to each other. Inspiration Island is connected on our west side to Rockcliffe Village, and you are able to travel back and forth using a boat or one of two hiking trails.

We are also in the process of developing our new region, Wellbeing Island. We will post updates here as we make progress on this. This new region adjoins the main one, and is located to the south.

Be sure to pick up one of our Navigation HUDs from one of the welcome boards.

Browse through upcoming programs by clicking our calendar link at the top, or by clicking here. Find a program that interests you and come to it, or just stop by our Fairgrounds landing point, where you will find a Welcome board and calendar, and can explore from there. We look forward to seeing you!