Lesson 3

Lesson Module 3 - Final Projects

Lesson 3.1 - Introduction & Guidelines

The staff of Whole Brain Health on Inspiration Island work closely with your Professors to fully support your University course objectives!
Whole Brain Health offers to students:


  • 600 prims budget per team
  • L$500 per team recommended
  • Demonstrated creation by every team member
  • Immersive – creates an ambiance, or appropriate environment
  • Innovative – novel images, objects, and media
  • Inspiring – promotes hope, positive choices and solutions
  • Interactive – use simple scripts that produce user-triggered effects
  • 3 modes of expression & associated tools.. verbal (notecard, voice), pictorial (slides, snapshots), 3-D objects (prim building, purchased mesh objects)
  • Develops Sustainability Sub-Theme per UNSDG
  • No theater seating. Seats should be used sparingly, incorporated into the environment.
  • See examples of what you can create:

Lesson 3.2 - Project Tasks

Complete each task for 8 points:

  • 3S1 – Join Inspiration Island Land Group, Student role
    • As a member of Inspiration Island Land Group, you will be able to Create Objects on Inspiration Island.
    • All group members are responsible for their objects rezzed in the region. Excessive objects will be returned.
    • Group join is by invitation only. Contact Tooyaa or WBH Team for invitation.
  • 3S2 – Contribute material, information, and/or media to the Team Project
    • Information presented should be from reliable sources, and preferably first sources (research organizations, government documents).
    • Media can include text, images, sounds, music, particles.
    • Use scripts to make objects interactive: Notecard givers, Rotation Script, Particle script, Float Text script, animations like Sit and Dance.
  • 3S3 – Archive Team Project
    • Archive your work, including : Speakeasy Text (on speakme Notecard), Images (Textures), Objects.
    • Take copies of your work, and give copies to Tooyaa, or the WBH Team.
  • 3S4 – Evaluations
    • We value your feedback! Stay in communication with faculty and let us know any questions or issues.
    • Students and Faculty will have several opportunities to give feedback during the course:
      • Evaluate this course on a Notecard and send it to Tooyaa or the WBH Team or use the dropbox kiosk on the project platform.
      • Evaluate the course in your Blog.
      • Respond in Voice during de-briefs.

      • TEAM TASKS
        • 3T1 – Leadership and Team Plan
          • Team Leaders should have been appointed earlier in the course. Leaders communicate objectives, meeting times, and suggestions to their Teams.
          • Encourage every person to contribute to the project, including objects, images, text, and other project elements. Discuss project theme, purpose and methods of your Final Project with fellow students, on WhatsApp or in SL.
          • On a Notecard, summarize your Final Project. Share the summary with the public, using a Notecard Giver object
        • 3T2 – Team Shareboard
          • Team Leader should own and manage the Team Shareboard.
          • Shareboard should contain images and notecards from every Team student.
          • Display the Team Shareboard for the Final Presentation, and as a permanent component of your Team Project.
        • 3T3 – Build
          • Build within assigned team space (about 850m^2)
          • Height limit is 20m above platform.
          • Use team project space for developing your project themes, not for theater seating.
          • Prim limit is 600 LI per team
          • Focus on interpretive material per Final Project Guidelines
          • Quality rather than Quantity
          • Completion deadline May 7, 2023
        • 3T4 – Present LIVE to SL Community May 8, 2023
          • Use Speakeasy Hud
          • Use Voice
          • Show your good work!
          • Partyyyyy