About Us

About Us

Inspiration Island in Second Life is the home of the Whole Brain Health group.

The name Whole Brain Health (WBH) reflects our multi-faceted approach to brain fitness. The fact that it takes place in a 3-dimensional environment allows a level of engagement that is unique to online brain-training programs. When you move through space in avatar form, your interaction with what you are learning is very direct and powerful.

Your brain is just one part of the you as a whole person. It interacts with the rest of your body and with the world outside of you. Your brain’s health is affected by many things, current research shows — not only your genetics but also your habits, behavior, and experiences.

The WBH program uses this current research to improve your brain’s day to day functioning now and its vitality over time. WBH activities offer a wide variety of ways to increase your focus, attention, concentration, processing speed, problem-solving capability, memory, positive feelings, sense of purpose, self-expression, positive social interactions, and self-care. All of these are key contributors to brain health.

You will read many reports these days about things you can do to make a difference in your brain’s future…whether it deteriorates or continues to flourish. It’s important to educate yourself about them.

What we offer on Inspiration Island – besides this crucial information – are many interesting and enjoyable ways to actually test out theory. Because, while your avatar is exploring our over 30 locations on the island, you will be doing the most extensive form of brain training you can find online. Everything here is designed with that goal in mind. And what you try in-world can be carried out into the rest of your life, if you wish.

What is the goal of brain training, after all, but to strengthen and expand your ability to have as high a quality of life as possible, for as long as possible? Our commitment is to help you achieve that goal.

Lissena (aka Wisdomseeker)