Ewan Bonham & Star

Ewan Bonham and Star (Jasmine Lordenwych) have collaborated to create some valuable resources at Inspiration Island:  The Community Cultural Hub and the Nutrition Resource Center.

About Ewan:

I am a retired professor who taught Social Work practice and clinical courses, many of which were online. I have also taught course assignments using SL to help student discover Cultural Diversity here in this SL microcosm.

Along with Star, I have built the Community Cultural Hub on WBH – a teleportation hub to a wide variety of cultural and educational sims (we could use help for expansion).
We are currently building the Nutrition Center on WBH with a great deal of information about healthy nourishment and lifestyle. We hope to have nutritional support groups there soon.
I have done many types of groups on SL – all mostly experiential.
One of the groups we had done recently is the TRANSACT – Transcendent Activation group. Here, we went through mindfulness meditation practices step by step using a variety of simple tools from SL. We also visited and tried out a number of sims suitable for this practice, emphasizing skills which can be transferred to your own meditation practice.
Other: Key interests in : Clear Communication, Spirituality practices, and education within and acclimation to SL.

To contact Ewan inworld, message Ewan Bonham.
To contact Star inworld, message Jasmine Lordenwych.