Ghaelen D’Laren previously hosted a weekly program called KRHI Meditations. She is currently taking a hiatus from this program, and may resume it in the future.

She also set up an area called the Garden of In-Possible You, which is now being used as a home for the Community of Creative Elders.


In my research on medieval visionary women, I was trained in the ‘scientific method’, that is, that evidence is the mainstay of historical study. Yet, there are things I know – without external, measurable evidence. The women I studied also KNEW that what they saw and heard in their visions was coming from somewhere other than an earthly authority. They called the source God, or Love. Compassion and love were ever the topics of their writing or images. They explained what they knew as best they could (often difficult to do in linear language) and taught others with their wisdom.

We all have this KNOWING capacity, although many people don’t trust it enough to listen or follow it. But when we KNOW something, we just KNOW – and that extends to knowing what to do. This knowing comes from somewhere – not our minds – often called intuition. Although we are not taught to trust this knowing, it is becoming both stronger and more important as life guidance.

The InPossible You is the you that KNOWS. Connecting with this intuitive guidance is more difficult that it seems, however, because we have to overcome years (or lifetimes) of distrusting ourselves. The InPossible You program assists people in learning about their intuition and connecting with it. Workshops, exercises, and the InPossible You book are all under construction in 2017. Individual sessions are available, both in the virtual and physical world.

An indirect way to foster intuitive connection is by relaxing and letting our awareness move away from our thoughts. In order to facilitate the practice of connecting, I lead a weekly empowerment session that melds relaxation techniques with information about our inner power. Music and voice guidance are streamed through the parcel server, and I organize different activities to keep the sessions interesting. Each session is a standalone session, yet builds on one breathing technique that is a doorway into the practice of reaching emotional and physical balance. The sessions are casual, non programmatic, yet encouraging. They promoting the ‘practice’ of living a more centered, balanced, and calm life.

Finally, there are videos of intentional breathing exercises that accompany the InPossible You program and the in-world empowerment sessions. They are also beneficial by themselves. Or look for Ghaelen D’Lareh

“Everything is Possible in You”

Ghaelen also frequents other virtual worlds, including Myst URU (, from which her last name D’Laren was taken.

Ghaelen’s KRHI radio stream:

To contact Ghaelen inworld, message Ghaelen Winnikow.