Marly Milena

Marly Milena facilitates a number of creative programs on Inspiration Island. Her group is called Octagon:Creative Exploration. To join it, find the group in search and join for free. She also has a Subscriber board which is located outside the Butterfly Gallery.

Marly is a musician, artist and poet, with a background in Gestalt therapy. She loves to explore the creative process, and the method she has developed to do that within Second Life is something she calls Symbolic Modeling (or SymMod for short). Symbolic Modeling is a technique which uses the tools available within Second Life to help others explore feelings, values, or challenges within their own lives. It is intended to be a tool for educators, coaches, therapists and group leaders.

Butterfly Art Gallery

Located on the ground level, this structure displays artwork that Marly and others have created. The second level of the gallery hosts the bimonthly Visions of Self workshop. On the first level, Marly also has a questionnaire that all are welcome to take, fill out and return in the drop box provided inside the gallery.

Octagon Theater

This is an amphitheater located next to the Butterfly Gallery. Here she holds numerous programs, including Collaborative Sculpture and Storytelling, Improv:Musicians and Artists and Shakespeare’s Monologues, which are held periodically.

The Octagon

Marly’s group headquarters is located in a skybox above the Gallery.  Here she hosts more intimate programs, including a monthly program called Inspirations From Our Lives.

Climate Change area

This is a area set up on the upper level. Here she hosts quarterly programs in which participants take on and model different positions on the subject of climate change, along with their associated feeling states, with the goal of helping everyone to see the issue from different perspectives.

Octagon Cinema

The Octagon Cinema is a colorful grove of trees located on the upper platform of Inspiration Island, next to the Climate Change area. When completed, it will present videos which demonstrate in detail the different ways that SymMod (Symbolic Modeling) can be used. Videos are being created for the cinema which will help show others how they can use SymMods for their own unique applications. Current videos available are:

Miscellaneous Papers and Links

Marly is assisted inworld by her Recruitment and Program Manager, Katsii Tennen, and by her Technical Assistant Francisco Koolhoven. You can contact either of them regarding programs that Marly offers.
To contact Marly inworld, message Marly Milena.


Marly, or Niela Miller in real life, has an M.S. in Education/Communications, is a Gestalt therapist, a Jungian Process worker, educator, trainer, facilitator, coach. and multi-artist. She has also composed many musical works in her life. See her web site (below) for more information.

You can also contact her at
Visit her web site at: