Stranger Nightfire

Stranger Nightfire is a poet, musician, and builder.  He created the Hobo Camp and the Mad Science Lab on the upper level, and has recently hosted a Halloween party on the sim.

He and Tooyaa also co-host a biweekly Drum Circle. Check our Calendar for scheduling.

Although he is not presently performing on Inspiration Island, he has plans to host a storytelling program.

I am the strange one, the wandering shapeshifter who sings from the heart. Some favorites are Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen and Kris Kristofferson. but then I might throw in some Cole Porter or Learner and Lowe, or some Doors or Rolling Stones. I try to channel the meaning of the music I play. I think singing is a lot like acting – you have to assume the role.

To contact Stranger inworld, message Stranger Nightfire.