Sunshine (Szavanna)

Sunshine (Szavanna)

NOTE: Due to personal obligations, the World Music Jive is now on a temporary hiatus. Once she is able, it will be added back to the weekly schedule, so please check the CALENDAR for updates.

Szavanna, also known as Sunshine, hosts the World Music Jive here on Thursdays at 10am SLT.

Originally from Hungary and now living in South Africa, the music she plays is a blend of both South African and Indian cultures, although not exclusively.  All are welcome to come dance and mingle.

Sunshine’s Sunvibes Workshop, which is the home venue for the World Music Jive, also contains many helpful tools for newbies and others.  She has a section on fractal images that she created; if you want more information on this, feel free to ask her.

Sunshine also has a building school on the upper level, where she has taught classes in creating particle chakras.

To contact Sunshine inworld, message Szavanna Resident.