Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes) is an Estate Manager and Associate Director for Inspiration Island.

She created the Simply Impossible Class Area, where she demonstrates how unscripted physics can be used to drive machines in Second Life.  There are examples of unscripted machines scattered around Inspiration Island — the tree swing near the Gazebo, the ceiling fan in the Lotus, and the Infinity Generator (Lemniscate).

She created the Lotus, and was instrumental in the redesign of the Multiple Intelligences Experience.  She also developed the Women in S.T.E.A.M. exhibit and the Hall of Heroes.

Tooyaa facilitates a biweekly Hero Walk on Mondays at 9:00am SLT.  Also, she and Stranger host a biweekly Drum Circle.  Check our Calendar for scheduling.

To contact Tooyaa inworld, message Thuja Hynes.