Literature & Language – Creating a Notecard

Literature and Language – Creating Notecard

This is a challenge intended primarily for those who are new to Second Life.

A notecard is the method that Second Life provides for storing and passing textual information. You can also store other items in a notecard, such as landmarks, textures, objects, and even other notecards. Unfortunately, you cannot format the text in a notecard, so you cannot use bold or italics, or change text font or size.

1. Create a new notecard.

To see how, watch the video at

2. Choose some text to copy.

Go to Cold Shot Plays. This will give you a page containing some original plays created by our Flash & Dash group. Open one of the PDF files that you find there, and pick out a few lines of dialog that you like.

3. Copy and paste your text into a notecard.

Use your cursor to highlight some lines from the PDF file, then right-click and choose Copy. Then click inside the notecard that you created, right-click and choose Paste. Finally, click the Save button.

4. Drag & drop your notecard into a WBH drop box.

There is a drop box located outside the entrance to the library. You can also drop your notecard into any of the other WBH drop boxes located around Inspiration Island.