3D Maze

3D Maze by AlmostThere Inventor

The 3D Maze is a test of your spatial relations IQ, and is far more bewildering than you expect. Be forewarned: only about one in three people ever finish this fiendishly difficult challenge! To generate the levels for the game, the creator used a technique called “evolutionary computation“, a sub-category of artificial intelligence based on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

This unique 3D Maze is open throughout the week and is changed every Sunday night, with new courses and fun and engaging themes! Persevere and exercise your short-term memory as you race up, down and all around. Can you beat the best time? Prize for finishing the maze. See Youtube video here.

Right in front of the 3D Maze building is a teleporter to the Games Park, which contains “The World’s Most Frustrating Game” provided by AlmostThere Inventor, as well as many other challenging games.