Galaxy Language Drums

Galaxy Language Drums

Magic Drums/GrottoThe seven magic drums left by the Extraterrestrials to explore the meaning of The Galaxy Language are ready for you to play. Touch the base of each Drum to find questions to help discover the images and music that could hold onto your values even in the worst of times.

The questions create a space to guide your adventure by asking you to learn about the kind of knowledge essential for understanding this language. Ways of knowing how to make personal maps for defining where you are and where you want to be, to find how to express your own ideas within a larger community.

The tops of each Drum offer examples of answers as images and music. After playing each Drum, create your own answers to become guides that can make the ideas about what you value experienced as steps to take in the desired direction. To dance your own way and in harmony with the universe!

When there is another visit from the Extraterrestrials, come to the virtual worlds to say hello and try to communicate with the Intergalactic community.

At any time you can share your ideas and examples for the meaning of the Galaxy Language with others on Earth by placing them in the Global Community Drum, the large Drum with the fire in the center.

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