Grove of Wisdom

Grove of Wisdom

Grove of Wisdom photo_002Look for the Grove of Wisdom just down from our Landing Area. That is also where you will find the Character Strengths Hunt.

To start the hunt, click on the “Discover Your Strengths” sign located near the globe teleporter.  Find five books in the Grove. Each contains a notecard with instructions.  (Warning:  there are some decoy books.)  Once you have found all five books with notecards, put them in order from #1 to #5 and follow the instructions in order.  This will involve creating a notecard, on which you will record information.  Click on the gold pail next to the “Discover Your Strengths” sign to get your final instructions.  After you have completed the notecard as described, drop it into the nearby drop box. (Be sure to put your name on it.)  You will receive a Linden reward for your completed submission.

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More About the Grove of Wisdom
If you haven’t taken the free strengths quiz yet, why not do it now? Go to Take the VIA Survey of Character Strengths on the Red Questionnaires drop-down menu. You will immediately get back a report showing your top strengths. This quiz is a validated research instrument.

The Grove of Wisdom gives you tools for understanding how to use your strengths wisely. As you walk around the grove you will find 6 large boxes that show you 6 major Virtues–that is, the ethics most human groups value, according to positive psychology researchers.

They are Wisdom, Humanity, Justice, Courage, Temperance, and Transcendence. Click on each box to find out what each of these words means here.

Surrounding each box are smaller boxes holding information on the character strengths that are different ways of expressing each Virtue.

For instance, under Humanity you will find Kindness, Love, and Social Intelligence.

These strengths are the building blocks of human “goodness” in most human cultures. They are keys to our well-being as individuals and as a species–and to our beautiful planet’s survival.

They are positive natural tendencies fundamental to your personality.  They show up in the typical ways you think, feel and behave.

We are all different in the combination of strengths we have. When you live according to your greatest strengths, you feel highly energized, at your best, in top form. You function optimally.

Because they are your strongest positive qualities, sometimes you may overuse them.  You’ve probably seen the results of having or doing too much of a good thing!

That’s one reason it’ s important to recognize when and how you generally draw on your strengths–so you can make good choices more often.

Why are understanding and intentionally calling on your strengths important?

Whatever your philosophical, ethical, or spiritual beliefs and whatever your goals, you will be able to follow your chosen path more easily by leveraging your natural strengths to do so. Strengths also tremendously increase your resilience in the face of adversity.

How do you identify your greatest strengths?

Although there are a number of informal ways to identify them–such as asking other people what they think or doing strengths- spotting in a group–the best way, in my opinion, is to take the VIA (Values in Action) quiz. Millions of people around the world have taken some version of this.

The VIA focuses on your 5 top strengths–your Signature Strengths–the ones you rely on the most. Enjoy learning more about your best self by exploring the Grove of Wisdom. If you have questions, contact me in Second Life (IM Lissena) or at


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