The Lotus


Lotus This is an organically-inspired structure designed and created by Tooyaa (Thuja Hynes).  It has been seen at different SL events, and is now a permanent fixture on Inspiration Island.

The Lotus highlights different activities on Inspiration Island.  Hannah Bluewood provided us with a spectacular new rainbow bridge called the Spectral Pontification, which allows you to walk between the main landing point and the Lotus.

The first level of the Lotus deals with the Body (self-care). The second level focuses on the Mind. The third level focuses on Spirit. The fourth level deals with our SL Friends (other sims that provide services which complement what we do). The fifth and final level focuses on the WBH Collective, the individuals who make up Inspiration Island.

Come and try out the interactive features found in the Lotus.  It will give you a good sense of what goes on at Inspiration Island, and hopefully will inspire you to want to find out more.