Lynne Berrett/Lissena (aka Wisdomseeker) – Bio

Lynne Berrett   MA, MSW (CSW-R Ret.)

Lynne Berrett is the Co-founder of the 501c3 Ageless Mind Project, Inc. whose mission is to educate people in the second half of life about the ways we can promote our own brain health and well-being through engaging in evidence-based activities that create a healthy lifestyle. We do this through in-person workshops and immersive experiences in virtual environments online. Our approach is to teach through doing.

Lynne worked in higher education from 1960 through 2004, first as a teacher of literature and composition and later as a counselor for at-risk students. She created a unique tutorial program for them that combined their intellectual interests with inner resources development.

She also had a private practice as a psychotherapist for adults and couples from 1982 to 2016.  Her post-graduate certificate is in gestalt therapy from a New York State Regents-approved 3 year program. 

She trained as a life coach with MentorCoach beginning in 2004 and was on the leadership team of the MentorCoach Alliance for Positive Psychology from 2006 to 2015.

She established the Whole Brain Health brain-training program online in Second Life in 2013. The purpose is to introduce a global audience to evidence-based activities that will improve the vitality and functionality of their brains and, thus, increase the quality of life they can enjoy as they age. She has added an inter-generational component to the program by training university students to guide seniors into this 3-D virtual environment that is foreign to many of them.

Lynne and her husband of over 50 years, Joshua Berrett, PhD, have worked closely together since 2007, presenting workshops and creating websites for their in-person programs: Music and Happiness and the Ageless Mind Project. They are active in lifelong learning institutes and organizations focused on successful aging.