Octagon Programs

Octagon Programs

The Octagon is devoted to experiential learning and exploration of creative process directed towards self-awareness and consciousness expansion. All programs combine arts processes with interactive discussion and creative expression.

To make sure you receive future notices , please enroll in OCTAGON:Creative Exploration, the group that hosts these programs. Or contact Francisco Koolhoven, Marly’s assistant, to find out where to sign up on her Subscriber board. (Feel free to share this page with your friends in SL who would be excited by these opportunities).


  • Improvisations: Musicians and Artists
    Saturday, May 13  @3pm SLT
  • Multimedia Exhibit at Butterfly Gallery
    Ongoing – from now until June 2017
    Walk through the display and provide feedback to a set of supplied questions


  • CLIMATE CHANGE WORKSHOP, Sponsored by Etopia
    Friday April 22, 2016 from 11am – 12:30pm SLT
    Participants are assigned differing positions on the issue of climate change, and are then asked to build objects to represent feelings surrounding their assigned position. The position you are assigned may or may not line up with your true beliefs.  The purpose of this program is to spark discussion and stimulate the thought process, not to attempt to provide solutions.


VISIONS OF SELF Р  (Occasional)
The direction to participants is to create a self-portrait from a black and white photo and digital paint or to make a painting that ¬†represents an important aspect of the self. ¬†(Instructions are sent for those who need them). ¬†When we gather at the Butterfly Gallery ¬†for the workshop, we exhibit each person’s portrait(s) and then might go through a number of different processes to explore the images. Marly demonstrates different approaches each time.

SALON – (Occasional)
You bring anecdotes or sharings about people, places, books, films, etc. which have had a profound impact on you. Marly facilitates the sharing.

Pairs of people work together to create a sculpture which is aesthetically pleasing to them. This is done without verbal agreements, just by watching and responding.  They then use the sculptures to make up stories.

Periodically, we gather a group of instrumental improvisers together with a group of artists comfortable with improvising. ¬†¬†We improvise spontaneously to each other’s creations. We are planning to continue these events as we can schedule them. The audience is engaged in the chat box, offering their feelings, imagery, associations in response to what they are seeing and hearing.

Programs that deal with timely topics, such as climate change.  The purpose of these programs is to spark discussion and stimulate the thought process, not to attempt to provide solutions.

Participants recite monologues and create art to represent the energy of the portrayed character. ¬†We explore the connections with the real person. how it relates to present day, and feelings evoked by performing and by the content. ¬†An example of this is the “Shakespeare’s Women” production we have done in the past.

CREATIVE PLAY (occasional)
We have people build or select virtual structures and texture/color  them to represent different feeling states, ideas, values, etc.  These classes are valuable to educators, group facilitators, coaches, counselors or just folks interested in using arts processes for self-exploration.

CREATIVE PROCESS discussion  (occasional)
People  share how their own creative process manifests for them in  either/both SL-RL.  Each time we meet, we do an experiment in creativity using building  processes to explore the psyche and foster community.

Besides the Octagon, Marly (along with Lissena Resident) also moderates another group called Adventures in Lifelong Learning.  This group is for educators and others interested in the promotion of learning for the entire lifespan, especially as it relates to teaching and learning in Second Life and virtuality.  We welcome innovative thought, experimentation with various learning modes, and the active recruitment of teachers and learners, especially in service to elders.  If you are interested in being part of this, and especially if you have subjects that you are knowledgeable in and would be able to teach others, please join this group.

  1.  Use search feature to find Adventures in Lifelong Learning.
  2.  From the group information screen, click Join Now.  The group is free to join.



Feel free to IM Marly Milena, Francisco Koolhoven (admin asst), or Katsii Tennen (recruitment manager) with your responses, ideas, interest in particular programs. All of them will be in repertory and offered periodically. New programs will be added based on members’ interests and talents. ¬†If you would like to explore possible collaborations on programs with Marly, let her know.

Short Bio

Marly Milena: (Niela Miller,M.S. Education/Communications,  Gestalt therapist, Jungian Process worker, educator, trainer, facilitator, coach. and multi-artist.)

For more info, go to http://www.peoplesystemspotential.com