Relationship Empowerment in SL and Beyond

Relationship Empowerment in SL and Beyond

Wednesdays at 8:30am SLT

Relationships in Second Life can be confusing and painful…or they can bring new joy and meaning into our lives.

Positive relationships are one of the major contributors to everyone’s well-being. That’s why Whole Brain Health is beginning a series of conversations about relationships in Second Life and beyond, facilitated by pet Karu.  This program was inspired by real-life coaches Jami and Marla Keller (of Invite Inc, a 501c3), with the assistance of Muza Waco.

Their specially designed Feeling Wheel 4.0 is a tool that develops our inner resources, life skills, and awareness. We will discuss how to empower ourselves, increase of our emotional safety, and foster stronger, more positive relationships.

Communication is trickier than ever these days, especially in SL, so it pays to have clarity about what you want and who you are in each situation you encounter. Join us to find out how you can empower yourself to have more satisfying relationships… with just a little practice.