1D(c). Groups

Second Life Groups are organizations of SL residents who have common interests. Many creators and sellers have groups for their customers. Other groups promote music, art, or literary events. 

One of the lists available by clicking the People tool, is Groups which your avatar belongs to.

A Group has a Name, one or more tags, and a Group Key serial number like a Resident has. Every Group also has a unique URI – Uniform Resource Identifier.

The URI for Whole Brain Health Group is:


Pasting a URI into Chat yields a clickable link to open the Group Profile, include the option to Join, if allowed.

One way to find Groups is using Search/Groups,and typing in a term. All Objects in Second Life have a Group association, and all Residents have a Group active.

A Group can have one or more Roles, which permit members to perform different sets of abilities related to payments, notices, land management, and administration.

Like Residents, each Group has a Profile, which contains information about who founded the group, what land it owns, members, and Role “tags” which are the messages that float above Residents’ heads. 

Joining a Group

Some Groups are open enrollment and free to join. Others can be joined only by invitation, or may cost L$ (Lindens) to join.

As with Friend invitations, a Group invitation will pop-up in the upper right corner of the viewer. If you miss the pop-up, you can find the invitation in the Notifications chicklet (top right button).

Some organizations may have more than one Group. For example, Whole Brain Health is an open enrollment group for anyone interested in our activities, but Inspiration Island Land Group is an invitation-only Group for Residents who are given more abilities related to business and land management.