Self-Guided Orientation (Linden Viewer)

In time, you will learn how to do MANY things in Second Life (or “SL”), and in different ways.  But you need only a few basic skills to begin!

Our Self-Guided Orientation was designed to help you start enjoying Second Life quickly.

Special thanks to Grizzla Pixelmaid and GGC for developing and donating the facility.

While going through this tutorial, it is best if you are logged into Second Life using the Linden Lab viewer, and if you are at the Self-Guided Orientation Center in Second Life, which contain the posters shown here.  Keep in mind that the posters inside the Orientation Center were designed for those using the Firestorm viewer, while the ones on this web page have been tailored specifically for the Linden viewer.

Start at the landing point on the first level of the Orientation Center, where you first come in.  To get started with the tutorial, click on the link below.

First topic: BASICS