A New ‘Mindful Meditation’ Program

On Sunday, March 5 at 3pm SLT, Ewan Bonham and Starlight began an exciting new program at Whole Brain Health. It is called ‘TransAct’ (Trancendant Activation), and started meeting weekly beginning on March 5.

The group covers the many benefits of Mindfulness Meditation and how you can use the many tools of Second Life to develop your own unique personal meditation space and process. We demonstrate the use of objects and simple builds, plus the use of the many environmental effects in SL to tailor your ashram devotional experience. The group plans to also venture to various gorgeous meditative sims in SL open for your use.

We will show you how you can discover just how your mind and heart connect to bring yourself to a peaceful Present Moment awareness at times when you need to step out of the stress the real world puts before us.

The program meets at the Community Cultural Hub initially, and the teleports to the TransAct Skydome.

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