Literature & Language – Introduction to the Library

Literature & Language – Introduction to the Library

This Literary Intelligence station is a place where you can find links to great tools like the SL glossary, and the archives of our resident writers group Cold Shot, hosted by our Literary & Voice Artist-in-Residence, Bhelanna Blaze.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to sign the guest book located by the front door.  Simply click on the book and choose “Add New”, then type your name and a message.

You will find readable books with pages that turn, and you can take copies of them by clicking the signs on the wall above them.

There are portraits hanging throughout the library with images of well-known authors and poets.  Clicking on any portrait will direct you to a web page with information about him or her.

There is a poster that will give you information on the very active literary group Seanchai Library, facilitated by the multi-grid renowned Caledonia Skytower.  The notecard it gives you contains a landmark to its location, where you can subscribe to the popular Seanchai storytelling group.

Upstairs, the map room will give you maps of Inspiration Island and of other areas of Second Life. There is also a Slurbage game on the second floor (similar to Scrabble) that up to four people can play.

Also, we hope to soon be able to offer you a free or inexpensive translator that will help dissolve language barriers inworld.


If you are new to Second Life, first complete a basic activity that involves creating a new notecard by clicking on:  Creating a Notecard.

If you have been in Second Life for a while, OR if you have completed the notecard activity and want something more challenging, then click here for some more advanced literary challenges:  Advanced Challenges.