Welcome to Inspiration Island in Second Life!

Welcome to Inspiration Island, the home of Whole Brain Health in Second Life! We host many kinds of programs and offer an amazing variety of interactive activities to stimulate and challenge your brain.

Our welcome board is pictured to the left. You won’t have to look to far to find one — they can be spotted at many locations around the island.

Our island contains four sim-size levels with activities found throughout. In addition to these levels, there are other freestanding venues, such as Curei’s Floating Gallery, The Retreat, and The Secret Spa. We even offer horse rides on all four levels for exploring! Be sure to pick up one of our Navigation HUDs from a welcome board, since it will make it easier for you to get around. This short video explains how to use the HUD:

WBH LogoWhole Brain Health hosts many kinds of programs and offers an amazing variety of interactive activities that stimulate and challenge your brain, all here within our home region of Inspiration Island. Come to the Island alone or with friends to explore and discover. Look for places where you can earn Lindens and other prizes. Don’t miss our 3D Maze and Character Strengths Challenge.

We base our approach on current research into lifestyle choices that keep your brain growing. What do you know about the kinds of diet and sleep and mental and physical exercise that make a real difference? We give you solid information and, more important, opportunities to experience the ingredients of a healthy life right in SL. And it’s all free!

Each area of the grounds gives you a different way to actually grow your brain by nourishing your body, mind, and spirit–so try new as well as familiar activities to expand your opportunities for brain fitness. We keep changing and improving the things we offer visitors. Come back to see what’s new.

We enjoy giving tours to educational groups. We are also home to the Community of Creative Elders. Anyone over 50 who is curious about life can join this group either by using a CCE subscriber or by asking Lissena Resident for an invitation.

To get notices of our frequent events and classes, you can join the Whole Brain Health Group, or Subscribe to it at any of the welcome signs, or at the kiosk with our logo right at the landing point.

Leave us your sage words of advice on the Inspiration scroll in the Grove of Wisdom. You can earn Lindens just by giving us a piece of your mind!